Estate Agents Who Straighten Pictures!

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Peter Mericka B.A., LL.Bby Peter Mericka B.A., LL.B Real Estate Lawyer and Qualified Practising Conveyancer Victoria Lawyers Real Estate

At last, there is a real estate agency whose staff know how to straighten pictures. Methven Professionals Real Estate Not to be outdone by the warm and cuddly estate agents at Stockdale & Leggo, Methven “Professionals” Real Estate appears to be marketing itself as the agency with the ability to straighten poorly hung pictures.

The Methven Professionals flyer tells consumers,

“Service is more than just putting a ‘for sale’ sign up on your property.”
But they don’t offer any indication as to what they do apart from erecting a sign. Seems the consumer is expected to take hints from the photos on the flyer.

Photo 1 appears to show a female estate agent drawing attention to her co-agent while he straightens a picture, to the clear delight of the vendors.

Photo 2 appears to be an action shot of the male agent in the process of straightening the picture.

In photo 3 it looks as though the vendors are delighted with the Methven Professionals agent’s picture placing skills. From the smiles on their faces, we suspect that these vendors may even be prepared to pay $675 per hour to have such skills at their disposal.

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