Punishing A Queensland Rogue

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Lindsay Stringer – the most unsuccessful rogue?

An article from the Jenman website.

In Queensland, where rogue agents roam, Lindsay Stringer must be the most unsuccessful of all the rogues. If not, he’s certainly the unluckiest when compared with other agents.

Last Friday (April 28, 2006), the Queensland Office of Fair Trading announced that Stringer (who formerly traded as The Professionals Shailer Park) had set up a scam in which sellers and buyers were charged higher amounts than the actual costs of expenses. For instance, pest inspections were loaded in price, as were advertising expenses.

Yep, Lindsay added a bit on for himself.

How much is “a bit”? Well, in total, Lindsay’s rip-off scheme – which took place between October 2001 and October 2002 – netted him $3,500.

When he was caught, Lindsay (who doesn’t seem the smartest of rogues) made a muddling attempt to cover-up his crime. But he was no match for the investigative skills of the Queensland Office of Fair Trading who uncovered his deeds and hauled him before the Magistrates Court.

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