Pre-Inspected Listings – The Future of Real Estate

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An EzineArticle by Jennifer Walker.

Home inspections have traditionally been for the benefit of the purchaser. Pre-inspected listings benefit all parties – purchasers, vendors and agents. The benefits:

Deals won’t fall through

Speeds up the selling process

Avoid renegotiation

Knowing what repairs prior to sale

Peace of mind for the purchaser Pre-sale home inspections may be the way of the future. Deals Won’t Fall Through
Home inspections, performed as a condition of the offer, can kill deals. Sometimes this is because:

The purchaser gets cold feet

There’s a big problem no one knew about
If the home inspection is performed before the house is listed, all parties will be aware of the condition of the house before an offer is drawn.

Speed up the Process Home inspections, performed as a condition of the offer, can slow the momentum of the sales process. A vendor who pays for a home inspection is one step ahead. The whole process of selling the house is expedited.

Possible re-negotiations after the inspection. If all parties know the condition of the house prior to the offer, there is no basis for renegotiation.

Repairs Prior to Sale A pre-inspected listing allows the vendor to repair any conditions prior to putting the house on the market. Another option is to reflect the condition in the asking price, thus eliminating a negotiating point against you.

There may be discrepancy and the vendor may not agree with a part of the home inspector’s report. The Reliance inspector will be able to discuss and resolve it, before the house goes on the market.

Peace of Mind for the Purchaser There is no doubt that part of the value of a home inspection is a guided tour of the house for the prospective purchaser. The inspection company can return to do a walk-through with the purchaser, if requested.

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