A Building Inspector’s Two Bit’s Worth

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Tim O'Dwyer M.B., LL.Bby Tim O’Dwyer M.A., LL.B Queensland Solicitor & Consumer Advocate watchdog@argonautlegal.com.au

Peter Weddel is a fiercely independent licensed building inspector who goes through houses like a dose of salts, takes no nonsense from agents and can’t stand a bar of incompetent conveyancing solicitors (or their clerical staff.)

This is part of what he tells his Queensland home-buyer customers:

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1 Comment

  • Andrea Shaw says:

    Peter is everything Tim has published.

    We would never ask anyone else to do a pre home purchase inspection again in Brisbane. Peter Weddel is your man! He helped us discover an illegal deck built on a property we were thinking of buying. Thanks to Peter’s ability and experience, it saved us.

    There is a legal firm who recommends him also, kudos to that firm, who we will be using again too for our next house purchase.

    If you have never bought a house before or if you seasoned at it, I would recommend Peter over and over again to do the pre home purchase inspection.
    He is simply fantastic and tells it exactly as it is.

    There are too few Peter’s in the housing industry.

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