A day in the life of a Settlements Clerk – or Why I hate Banks

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From Glenys Dolphin Melbourne Solicitor dolphinlaw@bigpond.com.au My Law Clerk “Lucky Phil” who not only picks the occasional winner at the races, is also my husband, devoted servant and settlements clerk. Together we run a small suburban law practice.

Fortunately we take very few conveyancing matters – most notably because Conveyancers have financially white-anted the entire conveyancing business by purveying and subscribing to the misguided notion that Conveying property is merely a clerical exercise which does not require the expertise of lawyers.

Recently my clerk left the office at 9.30 am, caught the train to the city loaded up with three settlement files each set down 30 minutes apart. Lucky Phil’s instructions as usual were ‘Whatever it takes – do what you have to do to settle’.

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