A Sad Example Of "Industry Consultation"

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Pigs At The TroughWe continue our expose of the REIV’s use of the media and political lobbying strategies to prevent changes to real estate licensing laws.

(For a detailed examination of corruption through political lobbying see Pigs at the Trough (Crown Publishers, NY, 2003) by Arianna Huffingtons.)

What happened to SA’s wonderful new laws?

(An article from the Jenman website)

John Rau must be one of the most frustrated politicians in the country. Four years ago the dedicated Labor backbencher began his fight to protect South Australian property consumers.

But he didn’t make allowances for the nation’s most stalling consumers affairs minister, Karlene Maywald…

…Instead of listening to consumers or to John Rau, she went off to speak to the agents whose behaviour created the need for new laws, who had already been consulted extensively and who had opposed many of the best consumer protection changes.

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