Choose The Correct Paint Color For Your Decorating Projects Every Time!

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An EzineArticle by Julie Rieman.

Don’t let your fear of color keep you from having a beautiful home! Painting and Color Selection are the most important elements of a successful decorating project. I am always somewhat surprised when I walk into a home full of beautiful furnishings and see cold stark white walls! White does not go with everything. In fact, white can detract from your wall decor and quite simply looks cold and sterile. Don’t get me wrong, a white on white theme is gorgeous but most people don’t have all white furnishings! Many of my clients have exquisite taste but are terrified of making the wrong color selection when it comes to paint. I have often wondered why…

Have you ever heard of a color phobia? It DOES exist, honest! The medical term is Chromophobia or Chromatophobia. The definition states ~ an abnormal fear of color or colors. Obviously this is felt on your subconscious level and you are completely unaware of it. I have often thought that some of my clients where just “color challenged.” Now I suspect a few may actually have this strange phobia. Of course it stems from childhood. Apparently there is a reason why we are drawn to specific colors while disliking others. We associate favorite colors with happy memories and you can guess the rest. I say, ”who cares! Just pick a color you like! ”It doesn’t cost a penny because they mix color pigment in the paint for FREE!

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