Fear Plays Role in First Time Home Purchase

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An EzineArticle by Martin Lukac.

There are so many emotions connected with buying your first house: stress, anxiety, anticipation, doubt, joy and fear.Not only are first time buyers nervous about the process of buying a home, they are especially worried about being rejected for their mortgage. Many will continue to rent a home, even though they are excellent candidates for buying. They worry that their credit will not allow them to qualify for a mortgage.

Most home buyers look at not qualifying for a mortgage as an embarrassing experience.

Most people will only take the plunge when the cost of renting far exceeds the fear of rejection. Buying a home represents the largest financial investment most people will ever undertake. The renter may decide to look for a home when he or she realizes that they are basically paying their landlord’s mortgage.

Once they look at the benefits to owning a home, the fear becomes a little less and they take the first steps.

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