Seven Best Ways to Ruin a Buyer’s Visit

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An EzineArticle by Hugh Harris-Evans.

You have decided to sell your house, have engaged the services of a Real Estate Agent or decided to handle the sale yourself and are just waiting for prospective buyers to call. Someone arranges to view but, after a quick inspection, they leave never to be heard from again. What went wrong? Here are seven of the best ways to put off your buyer. Nasty smells are always a turn-off!

1. A house that smells of cigarette smoke or animals does not provide a welcome to visitors. Stale cooking odors are also to be avoided. While you are used to your home and may not be aware of any odors, they will be immediately obvious to any visitors.

2. Family pets should be moved outside during a visit. Many people are afraid of dogs and not everyone is keen on cats or other pets.

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