Daniel Do-Nothing Victoria’s Minister for Consumer Affairs

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Neil Jenman - Don't Sign AnythingOpinion by Neil Jenman

If you’re trying to buy a home today, get one thing straight: When it comes to false quotes and bait pricing, no one is coming to your aid. Especially in Victoria.

Despite widespread evidence of massive fraud, the regulatory authorities couldn’t seem to care less about homebuyers.

The worst example is occurring in Victoria where the Minister for Consumer Affairs, Daniel Andrews, has – wait for it – praised the scoundrels at the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV).

Yes, that’s right, a government minister who is duty-bound to protect consumers has praised perpetrators who are cheating consumers.

According to the Age, Daniel Andrews has said: “I want to congratulate the REIV on its leadership on this issue”.

Congratulate? Leadership?

Minister, are you kidding?

Not since Merri Rose, Queensland’s former (now disgraced) Minister for Fair Trading ignored blatant facts about property frauds, has a state government minister shown such callous disregard for property consumers.

Senior members of the REIV are among the nation’s worst offenders in the bait pricing frauds which are wreaking havoc on homebuyers. Thousands of buyers are having their hearts broken and their wallets walloped. It has been going on for years.

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