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Neil JenmanNeil Jenman does most of his fighting on behalf of consumers who have fallen victim to real estate corruption. But who fights for Neil Jenman when powerful and corrupt real estate industry forces direct their collective fury at him by way of a highly orchestrated and well resourced smear campaign? A group of Jenman’s supporters have decided to fight anti-Jenman forces through a new website.

The popular ABC Television program Australian Story profiled Neil Jenman in “The Avenger” and describes him as follows:

Neil Jenman made a fortune in real estate before deciding to switch sides and act for consumers who’d fallen foul of the property market. It was a controversial move that won him as many enemies as it did friends.

Jenman uses unorthodox methods to make his point – stalking the ‘bad guys’ for answers, often in the company of television cameras. But he has no regrets about his style. The adrenaline of the chase coupled with naming and shaming the perpetrators can, he says, lead to quick and effective results.
Australian Story – ABC Television 29 October, 2007

Protecting consumers has not made Jenman popular with those who exploit consumers, and the spruikers, marketeers and their dodgy acolytes have come to fear and despise him. Unable to legitimately defend their improper conduct, they have resorted to smear and psychological attacks. According to Jenman’s wife Reiden, one has even published the Jenmans’ home address on the internet.

Jenman Fights Back – The Truth

The website Jenman Fights Back – The Truth states its purpose quite clearly: responds to smears spread by spruikers about Neil Jenman. We truthfully confront the lies, twisted-truths and rumours about one of the country’s most dedicated consumer advocates. The purpose of this site is to help protect Neil Jenman, the man who protects consumers.

Personally, I think the truth of the situation is neatly bundled into a short quote from Jenman:

“If crooks liked me, I wouldn’t be doing my job,” says Jenman. “I am proud to be so disliked by so many rogues.”

Visit “Jenman Fights Back – The Truth”…


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  • http:// says:

    where would we be without the jenmans of this world? love ya neil and keep up the good work!!!

  • To the real estate agent who calls himself “Don’t Believe The Hyp”, I have moderated your comment because of the cowardly manner in which you have sought to attack me and Neil Jenman.

    Why is it that the vast majority of real estate agents who seek to attack, smear or otherwise malign those who disagree with them do not have the courage to identify themselves?

    You’re a gutless lot aren’t you!

    The one exception is Enzo Raimondo of the REIV. I regularly attack Enzo, but I have NEVER moderated anything Enzo has submitted to this blog. Why? Because Enzo has the courage to identify himself, to accept responsibility for what he has to say, and to risk criticism.

    Other real estate agents should follow Enzo’s example.

  • Jonk says:


    I really like some of what Jenman does. But I also agree with some of the criticisms given to him in Australian Story.

    Some of the moral standards he holds agents to are for me not moral standards, they’re just a business decision – such as the form where the Agent has to let someone choose a commission if it sells below a certain price.

    This sounds nice, and is, but also creates a new set of disadvantages. If the Agent has over-estimated by mistake, the house will drift around overpriced and unsold on the market. And if the Agent tries to correct his mistake he trips up once again because “educating the vendor” is something we shouldn’t accept.

    So yeh while I think he’s great he also takes it a bit far.

  • I have had to moderate a number of anonymous “hate” comments.

    Let me be quite blunt. If you call yourself “Don’t Believe The Hyp” or “Overhyp” etc. you are declaring that you do not want to have your comments attributed to you. Either you are ashamed of what you are saying, or you are ashamed of who you are.

    My name is Peter Mericka and I say what I say because I believe in what I say and I accept responsibility for what I say. If anyone disagrees with what I have to say, they know who they’re dealing with.

    I don’t like cowards who snipe from the shadows, and I will moderate comments from those who want to say hurtful things but not identify themselves.

  • http:// says:

    “Either you are ashamed of what you are saying, or you are ashamed of who you are.”

    And.. either way you can’t spell hype. 🙂

  • http:// says:

    Peter, Its a bit hypocritical of you to accept annonomous comments from people calling themselves “Jenman Fan” & “Jonk” that support your comments but call oposing commenters “cowards” and refuse to publish what they have to say.

    Just because what I have to say doesn’t agree with you, don’t over dramatise my words by calling them “hate” comments.

    If you really belive in your convictions, why not allow my comments to be judged by your readers?

  • Hi Disappointed,

    If you are one of the many real estate agents who have been chased down the street on TV, prosecuted or put out of business by Jenman, I would expect you to want to remain anonymous while you slander him.

    However, if you are making a genuine contribution to the debate, and your contribution includes hurtful comments, then you must step into the spotlight with the rest of us. You can say as you please about Jenman, so long as you are prepared to accept responsibility and undergo scrutiny.

    On the other hand, anonymous expressions of gratitude cause no-one any harm.

  • http:// says:

    I’m not sure exactly what Neil Jenman does, maybe he should look into the practices of the companies wearing his name rather than trying to get on tv every 2 minutes. Wh is it that Jenman agents advertise now? Why is that Jenman agents quote price ranges now? Why is it that Jenman agents charge for advertising? I regard Neil Jenman as an extraordinary business man and a master publicist, but consumer advocate I dont think so

  • http:// says:

    qman you cannot deny that jenman has done ordinary people lots of good. okay he has not done real estate agnets any good but he has helped ordinary people by nailing crooked agents and how can you be a consumer advcate if you dont go on tv as often as possible anyway he helped me and i am not the only one.

    has jenman done any harm that you know of qman

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