Did The Minister’s Dog Eat Hubby’s Homework?

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Former corruption investigator Tony Fitzgerald QC and former premier Wayne Goss recently charged that Queensland’s Beattie and Bligh governments had let the state slide back into its “dark past”.Did the Minister's dog eat hubby's homework?

“Ethics are always tested by incumbency”, explained Fitzgerald.  “The longer any side of politics is in power, the more risk cobwebs will settle”, Goss added.  Both agreed that standards had slipped during 11 years of Labor government – commencing with Premier Beattie’s election in 1998 and continuing under Bligh’s premiership since 2007.

Two former Beattie ministers jailed, police misconduct revelations and controversial lobbying practices point to a government “enveloped”, as one commentator remarked, “in a smoke haze of corruption allegations”. 

Another commentator said the debate over government integrity, ethics and accountability had simmered “for months, if not years”.  Meanwhile a Galaxy Poll showed 65% of Queenslanders believed corruption and cronyism were wide-spread in the Bligh government.

The following story about one former Beattie and Bligh Fair Trading Minister illustrates what Goss described as Queensland labor’s “worrying culture”.

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  • http:// says:

    Hi Tim,

    This whole debacle reminds me of an article (Peter will be posting shortly) to do with the property services licence facility here in NSW, which is supposedly administered by the Office Of Fair Trading.

    Be on the alert for that one aswell.

    from Krusty the clown

  • http:// says:

    I read the marathon effort.  All 2025 of the entertaining words…!!  Now that, I believe, is 40.5 folios.  A beaut read – BUT – to whom do I send the bill?  <massive grin>

  • http:// says:

    Hi Tim, from the lofty height of 82 years, I just see all of these :shinanigans” as just aother facet of this ridiculous “political correctness” culture.

    Everyone is now so intimidated by the fear of “offending someone”, that this week we came perilously near to having our armed forces seriouisly compromised by a handful of Moslem dissidents.

    ‘From Johno H.

  • Tech says:

    If a government is in power long enough everyone is going to start crying corruption. It’s just human nature.

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