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Get answers to real estate questionsWe are now using Facebook to provide answers to consumers’ questions about real estate related matters.

If you have a question, comment or complaint about the real estate industry or those involved in it, the Lawyers Real Estate Facebook Page is the place to go.

Where a short questions is asked, the answer will be added on the “Wall”, and where longer questions or issues are raised we may open a discussion on the “Discussions” page.

In addition, the page is regularly updated with interesting tweets from our Twitter page and blog postings from various real estate sites.

We would also like to have readers suggest articles of interest to be posted.

We look forward to seeing you at Lawyers Real Estate page on Facebook.

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    Why is it that some real estate agents don’t contact people who apply for rental properties and when you contact them lie about contacting you?

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    I am being charged $120 for lawn mowing, $120 to re install a light fitting and even worse $180 to pay for ‘representation’ at a tribunal despite clearly not giving authority to charge.
    I negotiated this with a person 3 property managers ago in November 2009
    I’m sure this is illegal,
    What can I do,
    the agent is in Frankston

  • To have your questions answered, please click on the “Get Answers” button above, and post your questions on our Facebook page.

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    Can a real estate say that they will not put up a sign nor put your property on the net if you do not sign an exclusive? And will not put up your place on their window. This is after you have signed up to use them? Is this legal?

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