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Real estate agents are good at making themselves look good. Those videos are more about the agent (note how the agent is always in camera, and it’s not just a voice-over with the focus being on the property) than the property. They want to show themselves as all-singing, all-dancing performers, with the property as their backdrop.

An inspection should be about allowing purchasers to look at the property without someone telling them what they’re looking at. For example, a purchaser can see a fireplace without the need for a real estate agent to tell them, “Look at this lovely fireplace”.

However, after a visitor has seen the fireplace they want answers to their questions. “Does the fireplace actually function, or is it just decorative?”

It’s at this point that it is helpful to have someone who can answer further questions. Such questions may include:

• Does the fireplace actually function, or is it just decorative?
• Does it smoke?
• How long since you last had a fire in it?
• Does it heat the whole room?
• Do you need supplementary heating, or just the fireplace?
• Have the neighbours ever complained about the smoke?
• Are there any council restrictions on open fires or making smoke?
• Have you ever had birds nesting in the chimney?
• How often does the chimney have to be cleaned?
• How do you clean the chimney?
• Do you have a regular chimney sweep that you use?
• What does it cost to have the chimney cleaned?
• What do you burn in the fireplace, wood? coal? briquettes?
• How much does it cost for fuel over the winter period?
• Does it affect your insurance to have a fireplace?

And these are just questions about the fireplace.

How would a real estate agent anticipate the questions a potential purchaser is likely to ask, let alone have all of the answers available?

Let’s give potential purchasers what they really want, the opportunity to see for themselves, and the opportunity to get proper answers to impromptu questions, in real time and from someone who knows the answers.

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