Commission Rage – Real Estate Rabies

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Commission rage is also known as real estate rabies!Rabies is a terrible affliction. It can can quickly turn a friendly family pet into a belligerent biting beast. Commission rage can have a similar affect on real estate agents, changing them from ordinary salespeople into cruel and manipulative bullies. Like rabies, commission rage cannot be treated. However, early detection means that a consumer can take precautions against its damaging effects.

What makes commission rage particularly dangerous is the fact that it is not immediately apparent. A seemingly kind and friendly real estate agent may be in the grip of advanced commission rage, without showing any symptoms – that is, until the vendor or purchaser attempts to take control, or becomes reluctant to proceed with the sale. It is at this point the lip curls, and the snarling starts.

In this posting we examine commission rage, its symptoms and effects, and what consumers can do to minimise the impact of this horrendous illness.

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    Yes I agree they’re are really real estate agents  will do anything just to get a big commissions that really scares consumers. Hoping they can have a friendlier approach.

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