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Readers may or may not be aware that Google has announced a new social networking facility that will compete wit Facebook, but is entirely different.

Google+ in a nutshell

Google+ has similar functions to Facebook, such as sending messages to friends, sharing links, chatting, and sharing pictures, but the big difference is that with Google+, you can choose who you want to share these things with. Unlike with Facebook where posting a link will show up on your profile for all of your 500 “friends” to see, Google+ lets you do things a little differently.

For example, the concept of Circles is a major part of Google+. This is where you choose who you want in your contacts. You can have a family Circle, a friends Circle, a co-workers Circle, and so on.

Most of us are friends with a lot of family members and colleagues on Facebook, and we enjoy seeing what they’re up to. However, we don’t always want to share everything with them. Google+ lets you to choose which people you want in what Circle. You then use those Circles for all of your Google+ activity.

Get an invitation

I am one of the early adopters of Google+ and I intend to use it to provide information and updates in future.  At this stage of the Google+ roll out it is necessary to be invited to participate.  I am sending invitations to those who want them.  If you would like to try Google+ by being included in my Real Estate Industry News Circle and/or my Conveyancing Information & Updates Circle, just click on the following link:

Google+ Invitation

Of course, the Australian Real Estate Blog will continue in its present form but Google+ will fill in the gaps between postings.

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