Beware If You Find A Real Estate Agent Attractive (And Likeable)

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All in the presentation?

Never mind, when you are selling your home, how attractive to prospective buyers you may have made your property. More significant could be how attractive and likeable buyers find your real estate agent. In fact you may have listed your home for sale, not so much on the basis of how effective your agent might be in marketing and negotiating, but perhaps because the agent was just good-looking. Don’t laugh!

We at Mitchells will always want to ensure our clients are soundly advised (legally by us) before you sign any listing agreement if intending to sell, and certainly any sales contract once a buyer has been found. Similarly, if you are looking to buy a property, please let us check out any offer (contract) which the sellers’ agent will ask you to sign.

What we can’t protect you from is the often subtle persuasiveness of real estate sales people (or their likeability and good looks), unless you say firmly:”WE WON’T SIGN ANYTHING UNTIL MITCHELLS HAVE FIRST CHECKED IT OUT FOR US!”

We mention significance of agents’ likeability, good looks and/or attractiveness because we recently came across the following interesting article on this topic in the “Executive Living” section of The Australian newspaper:

HANDSOME real estate agent Jason Boon is adamant. Likability comes first, skills set second, presentation third. Attractiveness helps real estate agents to sell property only if those other criteria are met.

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