Tenants & Buyers Prefer To Live Within “Walking Distance”

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Walk This Way

While we at Mitchells regularly act for and advise residential property buyers and sellers, as well as for landlords and tenants, we usually are not involved legally in too many of the factors influencing our clients’ property decisions. Nevertheless we were interested to read an article in Australian Property Investor magazine where editor Eynas Brodie noted how tenants and buyers prefered  to live within  ” walking distance ”  of everything they needed. Her article went on to discuss how you might evaluate a suburb’s ‘walkability’ factor:

There are few things more frustrating than taking two or three times longer than usual to reach your destination because of a traffic gridlock.

In some capital cities, ‘peak hour’ traffic should be renamed peak hours traffic, with main arterial roads commonly taking a few hours to clear at the start and finish of each working day.

It’s easy to understand, then, why tenants and homebuyers fed up with congestion aspire to live in suburbs that don’t require a commute.

In addition to the workplace, imagine being able to walk to everything else you need in the normal course of day-to-day life such as schools, shops and restaurants. How much more would you pay for a property that not only gave you time back in your day but also saved you money at the fuel pump?

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