Patent Lawsuit Threatens the use of Infrared Cameras for Home Inspectors

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The quick version of that post is that there’s a company in Mississippi that has patented the use of infrared cameras for home inspections.  Basically, they claim that if a home inspector uses an infrared camera as part of their home inspection, the home inspector is infringing on their patent rights.  Absurd, right?  Let me explain why I care about this topic.

My infrared camera is definitely the coolest home inspection tool that I own. I can bust my dog for sitting on the couch, prove to my kids that they’re not really “freezing”, and confirm that my wife is hot. In addition to that stuff, I’ve discovered lots of useful ways to use this camera for home inspections.

When we first started offering infrared inspections, we had one camera that we juggled between everyone. Today, I’m proud to say that all of the inspectors at Structure Tech have infrared cameras. We don’t always use infrared cameras during home inspections, and we charge extra for a full infrared inspection, but these cameras frequently come in handy for identifying and documenting defects. The most obvious use of an infrared camera is to identify insulation defects in walls or air leaks in attics, but the images below show several other examples of ways that infrared cameras can be useful to home inspectors.

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