Sell old homes as is

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THE time has come for you to sell the rather dated home of your elderly relative or long-standing family friend.

It is a home you may have known for many, many years.

A house that is a time capsule full of your life’s memories, a place you played as a kid, and perhaps where even your own parents played.

From the apple tree in the backyard out of which your sibling pushed you so many times, to the hills hoist you swung on  the place is full of precious memories.

But now many years on the occupier or occupiers have moved on, the house is now empty of life and it looks a very different cold and quiet place.

It undoubtedly shows signs of wear and tear. It is a shrine to a variety of decades of interior design and outdated modern conveniences.

So what do you do to get the most for this property?
Do you modernise or do you simply leave it as is?

And how much should you spend on it? If anything at all?
It really can be a very stressful time so here are a few pointers to help you through.

1. Try to stay calm. This is easy if you are the sole beneficiary but for those who have multiple beneficiaries  most of whom are naturally too busy to help out but still insist that you get top dollar   it can be a minefield.

2. Get at least three agents’ opinions. Consider appointing a professional valuer to substantiate the agents’ figures, especially if you do not understand the local housing market well. A professional valuation will cost only a few  hundred dollars but will buy you enormous peace of mind, especially if there are multiple parties involved.

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