Choose your building and pest inspector carefully

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All too often property investors are lead by the nose by the friendly real estate agent who recommends them to an inspector who, in the expectation of receiving further referrals from that agent, will look for a soft option or solution to any problem that arises.

That inspector will not stand up on your behalf without fear or favour because of the risk of loosing future business from the agent.

The last example I came across was where the pest and building inspector either did not open all the sliding doors around the property or if he did so, didn’t make mention of it in his report.

When the investor took over ownership of the property, sure the sliding doors worked and, push come to shove, closed and sealed the property from the elements.

But when the owner engaged a specialist window contractor to provide what he thought would be a long overdue routine service to their shaky operation, the inspector advised that they had less than a year of life left and the whole of the eastern and northern frontage to the property comprising the windows would need to be replaced – Oops, a $15,000 cost.

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1 Comment

  • Cassandra says:

    This is a huge problem in our local area (Northern NSW/Gold Coast) – we are honest and ethical building inspectors and we do well out of it for that reason, but we often catch the fall-out from angry agents for telling the truth. Good thing we’ve got thick skin!!
    Unfortunately the “stitch ’em up” mentality truly prevails with real estate agents around here.

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