Open slather: what really goes on at inspections

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It would seem that many buyers, sellers, agents and neighbours have experienced some degree of open-house hysteria. Photo: Fiona Morris

For all the neatly angled flags, shining A-frame notices and freshly-stocked clipboards, the urban warfare of the Sydney open-house inspection has a slyly winking underbelly.

Throwing the doors of our most valuable properties open to Joe Public has a way of bringing about the baddest of bad behaviour, from neighbourly sabotage to staged lunacy. Add to that the litany of minor accident booby-traps, alarm debacles and fiendish take-no-prisoners buying strategy, and the Saturday morning house-viewing session is ripe for drama – or slapstick at the very least.

Those who should know how to avoid this better than anyone are the estate agents themselves.

One big operator in Sydney’s blink-and-you’re-gazumped property landscape laughs as he recalls a colleague’s unfortunate first day on the job. ”It’s this guy’s first open inspection, he’s got it all happening, the car’s cleaned, brochures ready, clipboards ready.” Achingly keen to please, the youngster bounds upstairs to check all is in place, connects with a low beam and half knocks himself out. ”The door bell rings and he’s standing there with blood trickling down his head … He left in an ambulance.”


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