Unlicensed real estate agent caught out

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An unlicensed Brisbane real estate agent has been ordered to pay over $134,000 in fines and compensation after charges were bought by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT).

Ms Alisa Phyllis Davies of Arana Hills pleaded guilty to one count of acting unlicensed as a real estate agent and was fined $6,000.

Jenas Realty Pty Ltd, of which Ms Davies was sole director, was found guilty and fined $70,000 for misappropriating trust money and a further $50,000 for operating unlicensed and making false claims that it held a current real estate agent licence.

Jenas Realty was also ordered to pay $8,400 in compensation.

Jenas Realty was permanently disqualified from holding a real estate licence and a conviction was recorded.

The court heard Ms Davies and Jenas Realty had not been licensed since 2004.

In 2012 and 2013, Ms Davies received rent from a tenant, but failed to pass those payments on, leaving the landlord $8,400 out of pocket. The monies have not been repaid.

The court also heard that Jenas Realty used its expired real estate agent licence number on correspondence with clients, and in doing so, falsely represented that it was still licensed.


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