Malvern East buyer dobbed in to FIRB was Australian citizen

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The crusading Melbourne buyer’s agent David Morrell has been told his suspicions regarding the $2.75 million sale of a Malvern East home were misplaced.Malvern East buyer dobbed in to FIRB was Australian citizen: Marshall White

Following the 20 September auction, Morrell lodged a complaint with the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) asking it to investigate what he believed had been a breach of FIRB rules.

But John Bongiorno, director of Marshall White, has advised the buyer was an Australian citizen.

He said Morrell was being divisive.

“Just because someone does not look Anglo-Saxon does not mean they are not Australian,” Bongiorno told the Australian Financial Review.

Morrell told the FIRB he believed the buyer of 23 Coppin Street (pictured above) was a Chinese national or someone representing a Chinese national who could not understand the auctioneer.


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