Whoops! Fixing Mistakes In The Practice Of Law

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An amusing, but not-so-far-from-the-truth examination of what often happens when lawyers stuff up. If you’re a lawyer DO NOT rely on the first set of tips!

One of the dark and dirty secrets about practicing law is that attorneys sometimes make mistakes. That’s because, as you may be surprised to learn, there is a human being lurking inside of each of us. Overturned cases get cited as good authority, numbers get transposed, and that one snarky email you knew you shouldn’t have sent (but were just too irritated to hold back) accidentally gets forwarded. It’s tough to admit that we aren’t infallible, because our job is to solve our clients’ problems, and they pay us a lot of money to do so that could be more enjoyably spent on things like burritos or cat yoga.



Peter Mericka B.A., LL.B – Australian Legal Practitioner, Consumer Advocate and Principal of Lawyers Real Estate Pty Ltd and Lawyers Conveyancing – Melbourne – Victoria.

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