Alpha-male Estate Agents in Altercation – What Chance Does the Client Have?

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The two estate agents in this story know their industry, know how things done, and apparently don’t like it when someone steps out of line.

I regularly receive complaints from clients who tell me that they have been bullied or otherwise harassed by estate agents for asking too many questions, wanting to remove onerous special conditions from a contract or even adding a “subject to finance” clause to a contract.

But if you really want to see the nasty side of an estate agent, try withdrawing an offer before the agent has presented it to the vendor, or cooling off on a purchase – that’s when the lip curls and the fangs are exposed!

So, when two estate agents behave like this in dealings with each other, what chance does a client, being it a vendor or a purchaser, have?


“The accused then grabbed the victim by the collar, raised a clenched fist over his shoulder and said ‘I will kill you, you don’t know how powerful I am’.


Peter Mericka B.A., LL.B – Australian Legal Practitioner, Consumer Advocate and Principal of Lawyers Real Estate Pty Ltd and Lawyers Conveyancing – Melbourne – Victoria.

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