Apartment tower residents awarded millions in damages after cladding fire

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Apartment owners at the Lacrosse building in Melbourne’s Docklands have been awarded millions of dollars in damages following a fire in 2014 that was fuelled by combustible cladding.

The fire, ignited by a cigarette left on a balcony, led to Lacrosse’s owners seeking millions in damages during a month-long Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal case against the tower’s builder, LU Simon, which ended in October.

While nobody died in the blaze, the tower fire sent shockwaves through the nation’s construction industry and sparked concerns about cladding across the city. In a decision released by Judge Edward Woodward on Thursday, builders LU Simon will be ordered to pay at least $5.748m to the 211 applicants in the case.

Further sums totalling more than $6.82 are still to be resolved and could be added to the final payment.

Legal representatives acting for vendors and purchasers need to be aware of the disclosure requirements associated with flammable cladding and the costs of rectification.


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