Little hope governments will foot cladding bill

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The failure by governments to warn industry about the risks of combustible cladding, even though they knew the widely-used material was combustible would do little to make them pay for cladding rectification, the country’s peak industry body for strata managers said on Tuesday.
Revelations this week that state and territory building regulators discussed concerns about aluminium composite panels raised by fire authorities and did not pass on any indication to their industries that the materials would not meet building code combustibility tests were unlikely to prompt governments to foot the bill for the growing list of buildings requiring rectification, said Alisha Fisher, the chief executive of SCA Australasia.

“They definitely are to blame in some way, but there’s no way you’re going to get government paying,” Ms Fisher said.

“They’re going to be staying away, even from the discussion of any compensation. The challenge is there are so many properties that are affected. We’re not talking 10. We’re talking thousands across every state. If they put up their hand and pay for one they’re going to be paying for all of them.”

Rectification costs will reach many millions of dollars – recladding the 21-storey Lacrosse tower in Melbourne alone will cost about $5.6 million – are making apartments unsaleable and sending insurance premiums soaring for strata groups and any construction industry company requiring professional indemnity cover…


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