Contamination - Asbestos

Dangers lurk in the home for the untrained do-it-yourself renovators

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MORE and more television shows are advertising how to renovate or extend your home. I cringe when I see these types of programs that encourage home owners to undertake projects that are often too complex, dangerous and difficult for owner-builders to tackle. On the flip side, there are some home owners who have completed training and research that equips them with enough skills to complete standard projects. The programs that show how to totally gut...

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The reasons why your property isn’t selling

Posted on September 18, 2013 by | 0 Comments
The number one goal for every savvy property investor would be to sell your property and make a profit. What happens when your property has been on the market for awhile? We speak with real estate agents, property photographers and property stylists to gather their opinions on why your property might not be selling, and how you can improve the chances of a sale. Just Think Real Estate’s licensee in charge Edwin Almeida told Property...

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