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Victorian election real estate dramas: Underquoting and “election stunts”

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An article by Jennifer Duke “In Victoria underquoting is endemic, rampant, it’s grubby, it’s misleading and deceptive and it’s a fraud on home buyers,” explained Rowe. “Consumer Affairs Victoria lacks the necessary laws and resources to police underquoting. Real estate agents enjoy the luxury of loop holes in the rules to bait home buyers into attending auctions which are outside their budget.  This frustrates buyers. Underquoting causes home buyers to waste their time, money and...

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Former real estate agent sentenced to 15 months prison after stealing over $1 million from clients

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Former principal of The Strata Agency, Rachael Jena Kwaregen, has been sentenced to 15 months in prison with a non-parole period of nine months after pleading guilty earlier this year to stealing over $1 million from her strata clients. The former Sydney agent headed the strata management company that collected levies from approximately 5,500 property owners across 240 Sydney-based apartment and commercial buildings. Kwaregen had her licence cancelled in late-January and was disqualified from holding...

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