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An Unwanted Renovation

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by Shannyn Hunter ConveyancerLawyers Conveyancing Imagine coming home from doing the weekly shopping to find a deep chasm where the fish pond and shed used to be. This was the reality Ballarat East resident, Ivan Bolt, faced last Wednesday as reported in The Age ‘That Sinking Feeling as Backyard Vanishes’ (11/07/07). The article by Orietta Guerrera quoted the bemused home owner, “There was a dark patch on my lawn which I thought was just a...

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When Property Investment Companies Go Bust – Two Views

Posted on July 4, 2007 by | 1 Comment
 by Tim O’Dwyer M.A., LL.BSolicitorConsumer Advocate   The sad truth, says barrister and accountant Geoffrey McDonald, is that three recently collapsed property investment companies were ticking time bombs which investors should have seen coming. While sympathetic to those affected by these failures, McDonald writes in that prudent investors must always take responsibility for determining risks attached to particular investments and face the consequences if things go wrong. Consumer advocate Neil Jenman, writing about...

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