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The purpose of the Real Estate Ethics Group is to encourage discussion on ethical issues related to the delivery of residential real estate services. In order to ensure high quality discussion and debate, the group has been created in the well-known professional network “LinkedIn”.

Search the internet for a place where real estate ethics are discussed in any meaningful way, and you will draw a blank. The purpose of the Real Estate Ethics group is to fill that gap, and to create opportunities for real estate industry stakeholders to enter into meaningful discussion and debate in a co-operative and collaborative environment.

The reason for allowing only LinkedIn members to participate is that it prevents “spoilers” and “spammers” from hijacking the discussions. In any case, membership of LinkedIn is an extremely valuable tool for any professional person. (For more information on the benefits of becoming a LinkedIn member, visit What is LinkedIn? and watch the short information video. See also How To Get More From LinkedIn).


How to Join The Real Estate Ethics Group

To join the Real Estate Ethics group, just click on the LinkedIn icon below:LinkedIn



Existing LinkedIn members will be prompted for username and password, and non-members will be invited to follow a quick and simple process to join.

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  • I wish there was an opportunity to collaborate for conveyancing solicitors and estate agents to work together on ethical issues in the UK. All too often both parties regard each other as a necessary evil when working together would result in smoother and quicker transactions ( which is presumably in everyone’s interest )

  • Hi Daniel,

    Join the Real Estate Ethics group on LinkedIn and I will tell you about the corrupt relationships (involving cash bribes) between real estate agents, conveyancers and lawyers in Victoria, Australia. I would assume that the position would be similar in the UK.

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