Consumer Guide for Building and Renovating

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Consumers Beware!Being an owner-builder-vendor is no longer a simple matter doing your best and then selling. There are now strict rules and regulations governing owner-builders!

Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) is offering free guides to help consumers to make good decisions before embarking on home renovation projects. According to CAV their free guides can help you make better decisions earlier on:

“At any stage of your building or renovating project you can read this Guide for unbiased information and immediate advice.”

Before you start building or renovating, the first tool you need is the Building and Renovating Guide.

This FREE Guide has a budget planner, handy checklists, useful contacts and legal information. It’s important reading that can save you a lot of time and money, plus preserve your sanity. At the end of the Guide is a comprehensive list of building definitions plus a directory of experts who can provide a range of building advice.”
We recommend the CAV guides as essential basic reading for anyone selling or buying residential real estate.

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