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Lawyers Conveyancing Facebook Page

Quality and Legal Best Practice

In keeping with our commitments to client satisfaction and continuous improvement as a Best Practice – Quality Endorsed Law Firm, we have established this self-help facility as a means by which we can offer assistance to conveyancing consumers while also obtaining feedback and information about conveyancing consumer needs. This assists us in ensuring that we can continue to provide the best quality conveyancing services for our clients throughout the Melbourne metropolitan area and regional Victoria.

Why Lawyers Conveyancing is using Facebook

We have established a dedicated Lawyers Conveyancing Facebook Page. We have adopted Facebook because it is a form of social media that allows anyone to have access to our public forum, with rules that prevent misuse. A person who uses the Lawyers Conveyancing Facebook Page can be confident in the knowledge that Facebook is constantly improving and developing its privacy systems to ensure that it is one of the safest means on online communication.

The most important reason for our establishing the dedicated Lawyers Conveyancing Facebook Page is that it allows for active participation in discussion.

More than just a one way information flow

Usually, when we are approached by a consumer with a conveyancing question, the flow of information is a one-way affair. The question comes up the line, and our response goes down the line; and only one conveyancer consumer receives the benefit.

By answering questions on the dedicated Lawyers Conveyancing Facebook Page we open up multiple channels of information. One conveyancing consumer posts a question, but many other people have the opportunity to respond to it. There is a wide range of possible responses that may result. For example:

  • Another conveyancing consumer may confirm that the issue raised is common, or that they too have experienced it;

  • Conveyancers or property lawyers may explain the ways in which they have dealt with similar problems;

  • Others involved in conveyancing related industries may offer solutions;

  • We may stimulate the discussion by raising collateral issues or arguing opposing positions.

There are many ways in which a discussion thread can develop, and all who become involved gain the benefit of the information that is generated. In addition, those who simply read the discussions will develop their knowledge and understanding of the real estate and conveyancing process.

Information flowing through the dedicated Lawyers Conveyancing Facebook Page travels up, down, sideways and across the web.


How to use this facility

Just click on the link below to go to the Lawyers Conveyancing Facebook Page. If you’re not a member, you’ll be prompted to provide your name and email address. It’s as simple as that!

(Don’t forget to click on Lawyers Conveyancing Facebook Like at the top of the Lawyers Conveyancing Facebook Page, so that you will be alerted to changes and new comments as they are posted.)

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  • http:// says:

    It is very important to use solicitor. For most people flat purchasing is the most  costly purchase they will ever make and it is not to be taken lightly. Law of land is a very complicated and very specialist area. There are far too many issues to take into account. Property can be freehold, leasehold, can be subject to easements, covenants and can be subject to third party rights. Solicitor will conduct  loads of searches in special registers to establish if there are any problems with the property title, lease, rights of way, which may affect property saleability. If you need a mortgage, it is very unlikely that any lender will allow you to  carry out  your own conveyancing, it is far too  dangerous  and complicated . In any case conveyancing should be done by a professional solicitor to avoid very costly mistakes.

  • Jessica says:

    Thanks for the information. I look forward to checking out your Facebook page.

  • http:// says:

    I don’t know what you guys are on about.

    From my general knowledge of the real estate industry in southern NSW, there are no commisions paid to real estate agents secret or otherwise.

    Conveyancers and solicitors compete in an open market. Consumers can choose on the basis of service they receive and perceived value.

    For you to claim that solicitors can protect the interests of consumers better than conveyancers in property transactions is complete rubbish. Totally untrue.

    Most conveyancing work performed in solicitors offices is done by paralegals, giving the lie to your implication that solicitors do the work.

    I think most of what I have read on your web site is a complete disgrace.

  • Dale, when the wheels fall off and the matter looks as though it’s headed for the courts, who will your client rely upon to protect their interests – another conveyancer, or a lawyer? If the answer is the lawyer, then wouldn’t it be better to be with the lawyer in the first place, first to avoid the problem that caused the wheels to fall off, and second to know how to put the wheels back on before the matter gets to court.

    And then there’s the problem of client-dumping by conveyancers (see

    As for bribes paid by conveyancers in return for referrals, perhaps it stops at the State border, but I find that difficult to believe (see

  • In the UK we advise our clients to cost out their moving house checklist and then get fixed fee quotes from their key professionals. Its amazing how many people start the move without understanding what costs are involved. They get cold feet and pull out.

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