Real Estate Documents – Don’t Be A Goose!

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Consumers Beware!In some European countries they fatten geese by force-feeding them. They use a standard feed formula, and use a standard procedure to ensure that the each goose receives the same measured dose of food.

The goose has no choice, and the whole process is completed by someone who has no interest in what the goose really wants.

This is the same process adopted by many estate agents when “negotiating” with purchasers.

In recent times we have received complaints about estate agents who have illegally attempted to force-feed purchasers.

In each case the purchaser’s formal offer was made in the form of a contract, and presented to the estate agent for delivery to the vendor or the vendor’s lawyer.

Instead of submitting the offer, as required by law, the estate agent has improperly demanded that the purchaser’s offer should be made on the estate agent’s own “standard” REIV Contract Note, that “standard” REIV conditions should be used, and that there should be no deviation from the estate agent’s “standard” sale procedures.

BEWARE! When you hear an estate agent use the word “standard” in relation to sale documents, it usually means that you will be required to open wide and say “Ahh”!

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