Dangers lurk in the home for the untrained do-it-yourself renovators

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DIY's deadly danger

DIY’s deadly danger

MORE and more television shows are advertising how to renovate or extend your home. I cringe when I see these types of programs that encourage home owners to undertake projects that are often too complex, dangerous and difficult for owner-builders to tackle.

On the flip side, there are some home owners who have completed training and research that equips them with enough skills to complete standard projects.

The programs that show how to totally gut and renovate an entire home have a raft of experts and tradespeople to assist in the re-development of the home.

Building a new home is complex enough, but to take on the refurbishment of an old home would have to be one of the most complicated and difficult projects one could attempt.

The complexities often start with settlement issues where floors are not level or walls not plumb and rooms not square. To fit a simple built-in robe or a set of kitchen cupboards can be very difficult to get an expert finish that will add value to your family home. Some owner-builders have spent many thousands of dollars and gained little or nothing at the sale.

Another point of concern is the safety aspect or dangers that exist when carrying out building work on older buildings, which often contain lead paints, rotten or termite-affected structural timber, and sometimes harmful asbestos.

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