Real Estate Bidding Online – It Costs Nothing To Bid

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SLOD! is an online bidding facility developed by Lawyers Real Estate

Lawyers Real Estate is a law firm that sells real estate for its clients without involving any real estate agents. To make the selling and buying of real estate quick, simple and transparent, the SLOD! real estate bidding facility has been established.SLOD! is the online bidding facility created by Lawyers Real Estate

In this series of postings we will be examining SLOD! in detail, explaining how it works why it is the best and fairest way to negotiate real estate transactions, and how to use it effectively.

We also invite questions and comments from consumers, real estate agents, conveyancers, lawyers and others involved in real estate transactions.

The problem with online bidding systems is that they invariably require the bidder to pay money if they want to make a bid. This acts as a deterrent to bidders who simply want to know if the vendor is interested in selling the property for the amount put forward by the bidder. It also makes the bidding process slow, cumbersome and risky.

SLOD! requires no payments of any kind by any party. This makes it quick simple and fair.

For an example of a property just listed and available for purchase on SLOD!, CLICK HERE

This is the first of what will become a series of informative and instructional postings. Feedback and questions from readers will determine the topics we discuss in future postings.

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